Election is the exercise that highlight the power of the voter (people). This is an avenue of political and leadership change. The period leading to the election is the time we sit back and reflect on the consequences of our past and future choices. The campaign period is the time we do window shopping as various aspirants neatly displays their wares in the form of pledges and promises. Elections provides us with a platform where we decide either to maintain the status quo or try out something different or new.

The most important component in an election is the vote. This is what makes an election an election. Without the vote then we have no election as we cannot know who won and who lost. The vote makes everyone equal, everyone is entitled to just one vote. One person one vote. A vote dissolves the discriminating lines of tribes, gender, class and disability. All votes that is cast is counted. Every voter is respected and powerful. Everyone matters as aspirants tries to accommodate everyone in their agendas. A vote gives a voice to the voiceless. Anyone with a vote is given an ear. They say an election is the game of numbers. It is not the about the number of people who are in your strongholds or who fills your rallies. Instead the number of votes you garner when the election’s officials stop counting. That’s why we sometimes have upsets.

A vote will make the might politicians and leaders bend to the will of the people. It will push them into spending a lot of time and money during campaigns, each attracting to their own corner. Election are normally won by the candidate who has garnered at least one more vote than his/her competitors. A vote in your opponent stronghold is as important as the many in your own stronghold. The 50+1 rule in presidential election clearly illustrate the value of every vote cast. A single vote can determine the fate of a country.

A vote hides the identity of the voter. We cannot tell if it was cast by which gender, tribe, class or whether or not the person had disability. We are only left to speculate based on the region where the vote was cast and counted. With the freedom of movement and stay, it is hard to get the most correct picture. A vote is just a piece of paper with voting information on it. As long as you didn’t leave your own mark, it would difficult to recognize your own vote among the many that were cast. Once a vote enters the ballot box it only carries the choice of the voter and nothing else. It just becomes a vote. We cannot count votes based on gender, tribe or any other criteria as a vote doesn’t have these traits. Votes are counted as just votes: which candidate got what and the number of spoils.

A vote is not meant to divide people into parties or coalition. A vote is meant to unite, empower and provide a platform of equality. Every citizen who has come of age is entitled to just one vote. An election is therefore meant to unite and not divide the nation.

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