The latest case of members of the national assembly trying to award themselves huge lumps some of tax payers money has come at a bad time. The members are quick to award themselves while the country is in turmoil.  Millions of Kenyans are suffering due to the enraging drought and lack of public services such as health and higher education. This is a classic case of lack of empathy towards suffering Kenyans, they are add salt to the injury. This behaviour has branded parliament as a business venture and not the law making arm of the government.

Among the reasons for awarding themselves more, is that they are expected to give more during numerous fundraisers that they attend. Hence the need to compensate. This is just a petty and lame excuse. Most of these fundraisers are about health bills and school fees. These are issues that can be solved by good government policies. These policies should empower the people with the end result of making the people independent. One of the reason why most people are dependent on the political class is because they are powerless.

During campaigns theses MPs were the ones who promise to empower people. Job creation and empowerment were at the main agenda in their manifestos. They have failed to deliver on their promises and they want to be rewarded out of the sweat of hardworking Kenyans. Since when did we start rewarding people who failed? MPs uses these fundraisers as a way to camouflage their failure. They had made big promises that they have failed to deliver. Where are the jobs that they promised to the unemployed youth? Most of the youths are jobless and idle in our counties. How many students are missing classes due to lack of school fees? The number of student dropping out is alarming. Yet billions are allocated into bursaries at the county and constituency level. The country’s security is at its deathbed. Extra judiciary killing is on the rise. Madness and corruption have become the norm on our roads. Are they even aware of the recent report that point out that our country is in the top 20 league of most corrupted countries? Kenyans are staring at the jaws of death from the current drought. Farmers losing their entire herd, their entire wealth gone. There is conflicts between private land owners and pastoralists looking to feed their weak dying cows. Are these issues not of any significant that they had to discuss their salaries? How can you claim that you represent the people yet you have no clue to what is ailing them? Do they filter the information they receive? News about their potential rivals is given a higher priority than what is ailing Kenyans. This is evidence as voters’ registration received all the attention while workers strikes and the ongoing drought swept under the carpet.

There is little positive change since they took the oath of office. My advice to them is that, don’t just be better, to do better.