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The impact of cramming in education

There are a number of study techniques. One of them is cramming. Cramming is the memorization of information within a short period of time. It is normally used by students during the exams period. They leave studying to the last... Continue Reading →


If there is change work has been done

In science, work is defined as force multiply the distance moved. Work is measured based on both change and effort applied. These two are dependent; without one we cannot measure work. Change is when we have something different other than... Continue Reading →

The role of teacher in the quality of education

Education is a service. While a product can easily be standardize the same cannot be said for a service. Service is affected by the service providers. Service can be identical but can never be the same. Therefore service providers have... Continue Reading →

Everyone has a part to play

Take a look at the role of the opposition and ts shortcomings. We also look at its role in uniting the people.

This election should not be about personalities.

An election is a democratic process where people choose their leaders. It can be said to be the transfer of power from the people to a few selected individuals. These individuals are thought to have the interest of the people... Continue Reading →

A look at our political parties

Political parties is one of the pillars of democracy. Single party rule in Kenya was abolished in the early 1990s. The main reason was to promote freedom of speech and association. Like minded individuals were now free to gather and... Continue Reading →

We need better methods of conflict resolution

Fahari wawili wakipigana, nyasi huumia. This Swahili proverb teaches us that when two forces are fighting, there is an innocent party receiving on the receiving end. The victim holds nothing against any of the fighting forces yet the one who... Continue Reading →

The Vote: a symbol of unity, power and equality

Election is the exercise that highlight the power of the voter (people). This is an avenue of political and leadership change. The period leading to the election is the time we sit back and reflect on the consequences of our... Continue Reading →

Don’t be just be better, do better

The latest case of members of the national assembly trying to award themselves huge lumps some of tax payers money has come at a bad time. The members are quick to award themselves while the country is in turmoil.  Millions... Continue Reading →

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